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Marvel vs DC: Volume II

Posted by lordcomicguy on August 14, 2008


Here’s the second of a series of super funny vids I found on youtube…enjoy!


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Marvel vs. DC: Volume #1

Posted by lordcomicguy on August 13, 2008

Her’s the first in a hilarious series of parodies I found on youtube…enjoy!


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Comic Stock Watch- Week Of 1/9/08

Posted by lordcomicguy on January 16, 2008

 Hello all and welcome to my new weekly look at the movers and shakers of the comic industry. In this blog, we’ll take a look at the comics of the week and pick a few that stand out from the crowd….whether in a good way or bad. 


Countdown to Final Crisis #16 (DC): If you’re a fan of DC comics then you know what’s coming and you know the book to be following to get there! The action in this weekly title was a little slow in the first 20 issues or so but has been on a roller coaster that’s been picking up speed ever since. With Monarch set to tackle the Monitors and the Multiverse itself, the stock on this one is definitely on the rise!

HULK #1 (Marvel): Hot on the heels of World War Hulk, this new title features the beginning of a new era and a new Hulk to go with it. But don’t expect to see much him in this issue because the braintrust at the House of Ideas is taking this one slowly and setting up this story a bit. Don’t think that means this one was a snore fest though, because the action is hot, hot, hot, in this one!

NOVA #10 (Marvel): Marvel space stories have taken a hit over the years but since the critical success of Annihilation in 2006-07, they have been skyrocketing into must read status. The best book to come out of that newfound success is our former New Warriors human rocket, Nova. This book continues to deliver quality stories and artwork month in and month out. Don’t believe me…..than check it out!


Mighty Avengers #7 (Marvel): Good art…..check. Respected writer…..check. Great line-up……double check! All that going for it yet Mighty Avengers continues to underachieve. I think the problem is two-fold. First you have the problem on continuity. This book is so far behind the rest of the universe and doesn’t seem to be catching up anytime soon. Second, you have the writer, one Mr. Brian Bendis, who must be lighting one up before he writes this mag because he is just totally off in this book. He constantly interjects annoying little thoughts from every character in each panel that really takes away from the flow and tone of the book.

Amazing Spider-Man #546 (Marvel): I can swallow the garbage of One More Day because it brought about the separation of Peter and MJ, something I’ve wanted for quite awhile, but I think Quesada has just gone nuts over there at Marvel! Not only did they take away the marriage and reestablish the secret identity of Spidey but apparently that also means that Pete needs web-shooters again and MJ is now a super-hero herself?!?!?!?! Sigh……..maybe this is just a bad dream. I hope.

The Flash #236 (DC): Not only did they kill off Bart Allen in only a few issues into his own monthly, but they replace him with this weak-ass imitation of the Former Wally West! This new Wally is saddled with annoying kids and a horrible artist to boot! Until they clean up the mess in this book, expect to see it on this list for months to come.


And there you have it! Like it or hate it, these are the risers and fallers of 1-9-08. Feel free to give me some feedback on what I’ve wrote or anything you like!

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