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Kick-ASS update and more Stargate?!?!

Posted by lordcomicguy on August 22, 2008


Josh Grossberg Fri Aug 22, 6:00 AM ET

Los Angeles (E! Online) – Nicolas Cage has suffered a serious downgrade in sexy sidekicks.After revving up Eva Mendes in his last comic book-based flick, Ghost Rider, the Oscar winner now gets stuck with Christopher Mintz-Plasse, aka Superbad‘s McLovin, for his next comic go-round.

Per the Hollywood Reporter, Cage and Mintz-Plasse have joined Kick-Ass, director Matthew Vaughn‘s feature film based on the ultraviolent Mark Millar graphic novel.

The film revolves around a high school geek (Aaron Johnson) who decides to become a superhero despite a lack of superpowers or training. Things get complicated when he encounters real villains with real weapons.

Cage, a devoted comic book fan, will play an ex-cop out for revenge against a drug lord. Mintz-Plasse will take the part of Red Mist, the hotheaded teenage son of a mobster who’s trying to track down Kick-Ass. Cameras roll this fall.

Meanwhile, the other big deal making the trade rounds today is literally out of this world.

Although Stargate: Atlantis wasn’t reupped for a sixth season, the Sci Fi Channel has announced plans to launch a second spinoff of the cult hit, titled Stargate: Universe.

The new show will premiere early next year as a two-hour TV movie, before sliding into its regular weekly time slot next summer.

Stargate, which has been airing on the tube in one form or another since 1997, is the cable network’s longest-running franchise.

After debuting on Showtime, SG-1 came over to Sci Fi following its fifth season. Based on the film, the TV version centered on a secret military team whose mission was to probe the uncharted stargates throughout the galaxy. It ended its 10-season run in 2006.

Stargate: Atlantis, blasted off in 2004, continued that story as a team of explorers found their way into a new galaxy and encountered an enemy called the Wraiths. That show will wrap up with a two-hour movie this season.

The Universe action will be set in deep space and follow a new team of scientists and military men who stumble upon an ancient unmanned spaceship.

No word on casting, but producers expect guest appearances from the SG-1 and Atlantis ranks


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The Occasional Daily Chuckle! 5-26-08

Posted by lordcomicguy on May 26, 2008

Granny rugby-tackled jay walker

A 77-year-old granny made a citizen’s arrest in Germany when she rugby-tackled a 25-year-old jay walker.

The pensioner sat on him until police arrived – because he had walked across a road before the light was green.

The woman, from Freital, near Dresden, shouted at the man as he crossed the road before the little green man flashed up.

The old lady said she became even angrier when he hit her with his rucksack as he pushed past her when he reached the other side of the road.

She grabbed his hair and managed to wrestle him to the ground where she sat on him until police, who had been called by a passer-by, came.

He was taken to a local police station where he was fined for jay walking.

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The (occasional) Daily Chuckle! 4-24-08

Posted by lordcomicguy on April 24, 2008

Burden Of Proof Aids ‘Weekend At Bernie’s Bandits’

Men Accused Of Taking Dead Friend To Cash His Check Cleared Of Charges

Medical Examiner Unable To Determine When Man Had Died

NEW YORK (CBS) ― Two men accused of pretending their dead friend was alive so they could cash his Social Security check were set free because officials couldn’t actually confirm the man was dead in the first place.

CBS 2 first caught up with the so-called “Weekend At Bernie’s” bandits, David Daloia and James O’Hare, who are both senior citizens, when they were arrested in January. Police said the pair wheeled their deceased pal Virgilio Cintron – who was later actually pronounced dead – into a Hell’s Kitchen Pay-O-Matic to cash his $355 check.

Three months later, both Daloia and O’Hare are free men and cleared of all criminal charges, contending they didn’t do anything wrong.

“I didn’t know he was dead. If I knew he was dead, I apologize,” Daloia told CBS 2.

Yes, Daloia insists he had no idea his friend was dead.

“I thought he was sick. My fault,” Daloia said. “There was no rigormortis, there was nothing. He was his normal self.”

And Daloia himself admits it’s a story that’s hard to believe.

“I’m not that stupid, am I?” he said.

It turns out that Cintron was “very dead” at the Pay-O-Matic, but the medical examiner could not determine his exact time of death, leaving open the possibility he could have been alive when the ill-fated trip began. That’s why the charges were dismissed.

“Let me tell you something. The medical examiner doesn’t know when he died. How do you expect me to know,” Daloia said. “I’m not even a layman.”

As for what he and O’Hare were doing trying to cash their friend’s Social Security check? Daloia said that’s what they did sometimes, but more specifically, they needed the money for entertainment purposes.

“HBO,” Daloia admitted, though he wouldn’t elaborate further. “Look, they split the apartment. All I did was carry the guy.”

O’Hare could not be reached for comment on the issue.

The medical examiner determined Cintron died from complications related to Parkinson’s disease.

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The Daily Chuckle! 4-21-08

Posted by lordcomicguy on April 21, 2008

Drug Dealer Calls Police When He’s Robbed

NORTH NEW HYDE, N.Y. (AP) ― A Long Island man had to know he would be arrested when he called police to report he had just been robbed during a drug deal that went bad.

Nassau County Police say 23-year-old Christopher Canonico of Seaford called at 8:19 p.m. Wednesday to say he had just been robbed in North New Hyde Park.

Police say Canonico was set up by two women who agreed to buy heroin at a local gas station. While they were sitting in Canonico’s car, a third person with a gun came up to the car and robbed him of $340, a cell phone and wallet.

Police say Canonico is charged with criminal sale and criminal possession of a controlled substance. The women and man with the gun are charged with robbery and other charges.

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The Weekend Chuckle! 4-20-08

Posted by lordcomicguy on April 20, 2008

Toddlers can no longer get hitched in Arkansas

Law had mistakenly allowed anyone to marry with parental consent

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Arkansas’ marriage-age crisis is over. A law that mistakenly allowed anyone — even toddlers — to marry with parental permission was repealed by a measure signed Wednesday by Gov. Mike Beebe, ending months of embarrassment for the state and confusion for county clerks.

Lawmakers didn’t realize until after the end of last year’s regular session that a law they approved, intended to establish 18 as the minimum age for marriage, instead removed the minimum age to marry entirely. An extraneous “not” in the bill allowed anyone who was not pregnant to marry at any age with permission.

The bill read: “In order for a person who is younger than eighteen years of age and who is not pregnant to obtain a marriage license, the person must provide the county clerk with evidence of parental consent to the marriage.”

Some lawmakers called for a special session last year, saying the error would make it easy for pedophiles to take advantage of the law. Beebe said he didn’t see any imminent crisis and said the chances of children marrying under the law were slim.

Special session
Legislators, however, had the chance for a do-over this week when Beebe convened a special session to consider a hike in the state’s severance tax on natural gas. They repealed the botched law, and reinstated 17 as the minimum age to marry for boys and 16 for girls.

Rep. Will Bond, the sponsor of the botched 2007 law and its correction, apologized for the error and asked his colleagues to “throw me a rope and bail me out here.”


Experience? Well, I’ve recently been a moron …

Police: Store robber leaves name, uncle’s phone number on job application

ATHENS, Ga. – Police say they got a major clue to the identity of a suspect in the armed robbery of a convenience store — his job application.

Investigators in Athens, Ga., say Demetrius Robinson filled out the application to kill time while waiting for the Golden Pantry store to empty of customers.

Authorities say it was Robinson who then produced a knife and held up the store last week

The job application gave Robinson’s name and an uncle’s phone number, but a phony address.

Police arrested the 28-year-old man Saturday on armed robbery charges.

An official at the Clarke County Jail said Robinson remained in custody Sunday but did not know whether he had an attorney.

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The Daily Chuckle! 4-17-08

Posted by lordcomicguy on April 18, 2008

Husband Clings To Hood As Wife Speeds Away

(CBS) It was a fight between a married couple that took a twist that even cops have never heard of. Call it going from zero to crazy in one second.

“I would categorize this as a very unique case of domestic violence,” said Sgt. Matt Young of the Sacramento Police Department.

The fight reportedly started at the husband’s mother’s house, and eventually escalated to the wife grabbing the car keys from the husband. She got into the driver’s seat and he stood in front of the car, apparently to stop her from leaving.

It didn’t.

She hit the gas, and he jumped onto the hood. Cops say Deana Redd was on a joyride around Del Paso Heights, heading from Roanoke Avenue to Marysville Boulevard. She decided to take another turn, this time merging onto Highway 80.

The strange sight passed by dozens of stunned people.

“We did get quite a few calls,” Sgt. Young said. “Obviously people were very concerned for the gentleman’s safety.”

She eventually got off the freeway on Norwood, striking another vehicle. That didn’t stop her either.

Redd drove into a field at Bell and Rio Linda, skidding around under the husband finally lost his grip and flew off the hood. That’s when Redd stopped the car and when cops finally caught up with her.

Redd is being charged with assault with a deadly weapon and driving under the influence, among other charges. Her husband only suffered minor injuries during the incident.

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The Daily Chuckle! 4-15-08

Posted by lordcomicguy on April 15, 2008

The getaway vehicle was … a wheelchair?

Police say man in electric wheelchair robbed bank, made good his escape

PALO ALTO, Calif. – Palo Alto police are looking for a bank robber who favors a decidedly slow-speed getaway vehicle — an electric wheelchair. Police said a man in his 60s with gray hair and a beard held up the Wachovia Bank branch at the Stanford Shopping Center late Friday afternoon with a black handgun.

After the stickup, he left in his wheelchair and was last seen motoring down a nearby street toward El Camino Real, a major thoroughfare.

Witnesses say the man’s legs were wrapped in bandages and his right leg was sticking straight out while he zoomed away.

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The Daily Chuckle! 4-14-08

Posted by lordcomicguy on April 14, 2008

Drivers Flood Station For 35 Cent Gas

Traffic was backed up and police were called to control the crowd after a Wilmington gas station accidentally set the pump price at 35 cents a gallon.

The Wilmington Star-News reported Friday that hundreds of drivers flooded a BP station for the cheap gas after the price dropped around 9 a.m. Thursday.

Station employee Shane Weller said the price for premium gasoline was supposed to be $3.35 a gallon. He complained that customers paid the cheaper price all day without saying a word.

It was all the extra traffic that led station employees to the mistake around 6 p.m. They found it after calling their district manager, looking for permission to changing the price as a way of stemming the flow of customers.

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