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DECISION 2010: Will he stay or will he go?

Posted by lordcomicguy on March 26, 2008

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  The NBA trade deadline has come and passed with a flourish of activity not seen in recent years, if ever. It seemed every major contender made some moves as superstars crossed coast to coast to join new teams. Perhaps the most pivotal move came as the final seconds of the trade window ticked down, a mega 11 man, 3 team deal that featured the Cleveland Cavaliers shipping off two of their established starters, Larry Hughes and Drew Gooden (along with a few other bench pieces) in return for Ben Wallace, Wally Szczerbiak, Delonte West and Joe Smith. But as big a shake-up as this was, it’s more important to look at the reason behind it, which was to placate their disgruntled superstar, LeBron James, who has a pivotal decision coming up in the summer of 2010…to stay a Cav, or leave for greener dollars.


  The question of whether LeBron James will opt out of his contract in 2010 comes down to one word in my mind…Legacy. What legacy is more important to LeBron? Is it the desire to become the first billion dollar athlete, like he’s stated previously, or is he looking to be considered the greatest basketball player of all time, a strong possibility considering his physical talents. It’s this question that’s the backbone to what may be the biggest blow to Cleveland sports since Jim Brown walked away to pursue his acting.


  After years of watching LeBron, I have to believe that his legacy on the court is what’s more important to him. He’s arguably the most gifted, most unselfish superstar in the game today, preferring to be a team player rather than a one man show. You rarely see him take more than 30 shots (he’s averaging 22) yet he’s leading the league in scoring. If he wanted to, he could easily average 50 points per game by jacking up shot after shot, but in showing a feel for the game and maturity far beyond his years, he recognizes that doing that isn’t the way to win…as evidenced by past play of such superstars as Kobe Bryant and Allen Iverson.


  In my opinion, when it comes down to whether LeBron stays or goes, you actually have to look less at LeBron and more to the trio of Dan Gilbert, Danny Ferry, and Mike Brown. They hold the key to whether the L-Train stays in Cleveland or not. And that key is as easy to figure out as it’s been publicized…surround LeBron with talented players. That’s all. It’s THAT simple. If they manage to keep talent around LBJ, which they are in position to do despite what most ‘experts’ say, then LeBron has NO choice but to stay a Cavalier. This ‘no choice’ that exists if management does their part comes back to my legacy argument. Bron wants to be known as the greatest of all time and to do that, he must win a championship in Cleveland. To be surrounded by talented players and not get a ring, opting to leave the Cavs instead, would be a failure that would haunt his entire career.


Listen, we’ve all heard the rumors that Bron’s endorsement deals would skyrocket in a market like New York but let’s be real here, the money and endorsements will come no matter where he’s at…that’s a given…and I have to believe a man as smart as LeBron knows this. Yeah, he’s gonna play up his friendship with Jay-Z and he’s gonna sell those Yankee shoes and sport his Yankee gear but that’s not signs he’s leaving, that’s signs of how savvy he is. What better way to keep the top dogs in the Cavalier organization looking to make him happy and improve the team than to publicly flirt with the possibility of leaving? Nah, worry not Cleveland fans, LeBron is a hometown boy at heart with a serious hero-complex that won’t allow him to fail the city of Cleveland….unless Cleveland fails him.


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The Great Debate: LeBron vs. Kobe

Posted by lordcomicguy on March 12, 2008

                                                      Kobe and LeBron   

As those of you familiar with The Corner know, I write comic reviews for Well, as fate and oppurtunity would have it, I am also contributing to their sports section as well. Click on the link below to read my take on who I’d choose between the NBA megastars LeBron James and Kobe Bryant.


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