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Superman Reboot planned!

Posted by lordcomicguy on August 22, 2008

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Warner Bros. Pictures Group President Jeff Robinov has told The Wall Street Journal that the studio is going to be reintroducing Superman. We assume this will be similar to how Louis Leterrier’s The Incredible Hulk was a reboot of Ang Lee’s Hulk. Here is what the article says:

Warner Bros. also put on hold plans for another movie starring multiple superheroes — known as “Batman vs. Superman” — after the $215 million “Superman Returns,” which had disappointing box-office returns, didn’t please executives. “‘Superman’ didn’t quite work as a film in the way that we wanted it to,” says Mr. Robinov. “It didn’t position the character the way he needed to be positioned.” “Had ‘Superman’ worked in 2006, we would have had a movie for Christmas of this year or 2009,” he adds. “But now the plan is just to reintroduce Superman without regard to a Batman and Superman movie at all.”

The article also talks about Warner Bros. adapting other DC properties over the new few years. “By 2011, Mr. Robinov plans for DC Comics to supply the material for up to two of the six to eight tent-pole films he hopes Warner Bros. will have in the pipeline by then,” it says. Those projects will likely be about single characters at first, and will be darker much like The Dark Knight:

With “Batman vs. Superman” and “Justice League” stalled, Warner Bros. has quietly adopted Marvel’s model of releasing a single film for each character, and then using those movies and their sequels to build up to a multicharacter film. “Along those lines, we have been developing every DC character that we own,” Mr. Robinov says.

Like the recent Batman sequel — which has become the highest-grossing film of the year thus far — Mr. Robinov wants his next pack of superhero movies to be bathed in the same brooding tone as “The Dark Knight.” Creatively, he sees exploring the evil side to characters as the key to unlocking some of Warner Bros.’ DC properties. “We’re going to try to go dark to the extent that the characters allow it,” he says. That goes for the company’s Superman franchise as well.

The studio is set to announce its plans for future DC movies in the next month. For now, though, it is focused on releasing four comic-book films in the next three years, including a third Batman film, a new film reintroducing Superman, and two movies focusing on other DC Comics characters. Movies featuring Green Lantern, Flash, Green Arrow, and Wonder Woman are all in active development.


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Kick-ASS update and more Stargate?!?!

Posted by lordcomicguy on August 22, 2008


Josh Grossberg Fri Aug 22, 6:00 AM ET

Los Angeles (E! Online) – Nicolas Cage has suffered a serious downgrade in sexy sidekicks.After revving up Eva Mendes in his last comic book-based flick, Ghost Rider, the Oscar winner now gets stuck with Christopher Mintz-Plasse, aka Superbad‘s McLovin, for his next comic go-round.

Per the Hollywood Reporter, Cage and Mintz-Plasse have joined Kick-Ass, director Matthew Vaughn‘s feature film based on the ultraviolent Mark Millar graphic novel.

The film revolves around a high school geek (Aaron Johnson) who decides to become a superhero despite a lack of superpowers or training. Things get complicated when he encounters real villains with real weapons.

Cage, a devoted comic book fan, will play an ex-cop out for revenge against a drug lord. Mintz-Plasse will take the part of Red Mist, the hotheaded teenage son of a mobster who’s trying to track down Kick-Ass. Cameras roll this fall.

Meanwhile, the other big deal making the trade rounds today is literally out of this world.

Although Stargate: Atlantis wasn’t reupped for a sixth season, the Sci Fi Channel has announced plans to launch a second spinoff of the cult hit, titled Stargate: Universe.

The new show will premiere early next year as a two-hour TV movie, before sliding into its regular weekly time slot next summer.

Stargate, which has been airing on the tube in one form or another since 1997, is the cable network’s longest-running franchise.

After debuting on Showtime, SG-1 came over to Sci Fi following its fifth season. Based on the film, the TV version centered on a secret military team whose mission was to probe the uncharted stargates throughout the galaxy. It ended its 10-season run in 2006.

Stargate: Atlantis, blasted off in 2004, continued that story as a team of explorers found their way into a new galaxy and encountered an enemy called the Wraiths. That show will wrap up with a two-hour movie this season.

The Universe action will be set in deep space and follow a new team of scientists and military men who stumble upon an ancient unmanned spaceship.

No word on casting, but producers expect guest appearances from the SG-1 and Atlantis ranks

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The future of DC Comics on screen…

Posted by lordcomicguy on August 18, 2008

WB taps into ties at DC Comics

Co. has heroes like Wonder Woman, Flash


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First Look: Watchmen’s Minutemen

Posted by lordcomicguy on May 27, 2008


What we have above is a photo from the upcoming movie Watchmen, of the Minutemen-the first TEAM of superheroes that formed in 1939 only to break up in 1949. In the pic above you’ll see the classic SILK SPECTRE, NITE OWL, CAPTAIN METROPOLIS, MOTHMAN, SILHOUETTE, COMEDIAN, DOLLAR BILL and with the noose… HOODED JUSTICE.

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The Incredible Hulk Trailer has arrived!

Posted by lordcomicguy on March 14, 2008

The long awaited teaser trailer for the Edward Norton Hulk movie is out and up and WOW, does it look 100% better than that crappy last one!

Want to see for yourself, just click the link provided below…

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Superhero Movie Trailer NOW AVAILABLE!

Posted by lordcomicguy on February 4, 2008

Here’s the link that will take you to to the first trailer of the upcoming superhero spoof, Superhero Movie, due out March 28th. Take a second and check it out, ot’s hilarious!

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Marvel movies back on track!

Posted by lordcomicguy on January 27, 2008

The following news came from If you’re a fan of comics, they this is GREAT news!

Marvel Studios and WGA Sign Interim Agreement!

Source: Marvel Studios, WGA
January 24, 2008
Marvel Studios, a subsidiary of Marvel Entertainment, Inc., and the Writers Guild of America (WGA) announced today that they have reached an interim comprehensive agreement that will put writers immediately back to work on the Marvel Studios development slate. Terms of the agreement were not disclosed.”We’re very excited about our summer releases, ‘Iron Man’ and ‘The Incredible Hulk,’ and look forward to resuming work with writers on our future projects including ‘Captain America,’ ‘Thor,’ ‘Ant-Man,’ and ‘The Avengers,'” said Marvel Studios Chairman David Maisel.

“Marvel Studios’ signing of an interim agreement with the Writers Guild is more good news for our membership,” said WGAE President Michael Winship and WGAW President Patric M. Verrone. “Marvel is committed to fairly compensating their writers and now they can move forward with their planned production schedule.”

Marvel Studios recently launched its independent live-action film studio to develop, produce, and fully finance Marvel movies, which will include two of this summer’s most anticipated releases – Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk. Directed by Jon Favreau, Iron Man will be released by Paramount Pictures on May 2, 2008, and stars Robert Downey Jr., Terrence Howard, Jeff Bridges and Gwyneth Paltrow. The Incredible Hulk, which will be released by Universal Pictures on June 13, 2008, is directed by Louis Leterrier and stars Edward Norton, Liv Tyler, Tim Roth, and William Hurt.

In cooperation with other studios, Marvel previously produced a long succession of hits, including the “Spider-Man,” “X-Men,” and “Fantastic Four” franchises, Ghost Rider, and Daredevil.

The WGA recently entered into interim agreements with The Weinstein Company, United Artists, Lionsgate, Worldwide Pants, Spyglass Entertainment, MRC, Jackson Bites, Mandate Films, and Sidney Kimmel Entertainment.


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Death, The high cost of living….A different look at the passing of Heath Ledger.

Posted by lordcomicguy on January 24, 2008

Unless you’re living in some remote desert community (and if you are, you aren’t reading this), then you know that Hollywood had lost one of their own this week, one Heath Ledger. At 28, he had the acting world ahead of him and he will be missed. The rumor mill is circulating with the events surrounding his death and all the theories are well documented so I don’t need to touch on them here. Instead, let’s take a look at his ties to the comic book world and what his death will mean for the upcoming Dark Knight movie.

Now I really don’t want to seem insensitive to this tragedy, my deepest sympathies goes out to his family and loved ones, but I want to look beyond the moment a bit, and think long term. For all his acting credits, nothing Heath did really stood out as unforgettable (I’m not counting Brokeback Mountain, the subject matter brought that to prominence more than his acting) but if previews and trailers are to be believed, he may have found that in his final finished role, as the Joker. I’m not trying to make a mountain out of a molehill here but there is precedence to this sort of thing. Look at The Crow, for example, with Brandon Lee getting killed in the final stages of that movie. His death took an already excellent acting job and launched it into cult status as well as unforeseen financial success. Honestly, if he would have never died, then that great movie would have earned so-so at the theatres and would have soon been forgotten…..a gem lost to the everyday person.



With that being said, you have to think that with this happening like it did, and the type of role he’s playing, that this really has a huge shot at being something special. As sad as it is to say, you know that Warner Bros. is weighing sadness with elation at this happening. No, I’m not saying they wanted him dead or are in any way happy for his death but you have to believe some ‘beanpusher’ or ‘suit’ has brought up the idea of the increased revenue for the film this will make……’s big business, how could they not?

Personally, I was looking forward to this movie before his death and still am. This won’t change me seeing it but it has to effect how I view this movie….as it will anyone who watches it. How could I sit in the theatre and not have these events playing in my mind as every word comes out of his mouth? Heath, for good or ill, the role of the Joker will be the icing on your legacy. Your career will be greatly viewed by how this one acting job comes across. But don’t worry; I think it’s in safe hands….as safe as an insane clown’s hands can be.

INTERESTING HEATH LEDGER COMIC BOOK FACT: Did you know Heath turned down the role of Spider-Man? He did and it eventually wound up in the hands of Tobey Mcguire…..I guess I’ll forgive you for that one, Mr. Ledger.

Rest in peace.

empirejoker1.jpg                                 heath-joker.jpg                                56970-joker_400.jpg

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