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Dream a little dream of me…

Posted by lordcomicguy on April 8, 2008

So, you think YOU have some strange dreams? Well, wait till you get a load of some of mine! In the interest of adding to the odd online, I’m going to start sharing some of the stranger dreams I have to you, my adoring public!


Ok, this one was a few months back but it still pretty fresh so let’s start with it…


This one took place in our local bowling alley, King Pin Lanes (no, I don’t know where they find the names for these alleys), but it’s not as it is now…for this dream we turn back the clock 20 years. It must be a sunny day as the light is streaming into the darkened alley from the outside. It’s a pretty packed house this day, people bowling, having a good time, with the exception of lanes 1 through 4, where they are having a funeral. Yep, I said a funeral…complete with a coffin draped across lanes 2 and 3, black clad mourners, and yours truly. Why am I there? Well, because it’s my grandmothers funeral.


I didn’t stay down there long though, because I soon found myself heading to the other side of the building (the arcade part) where I commenced to play the claw machine, much to the dismay of my younger brother. I didn’t win anything though, as those freaking things never want to yield their enticing treasures.


That’s the end of this one, a rather short dream all in all but I found it oddly disturbing *shrugs*, but I’ll yet you be the judge of that. Tune back in to The Corner! From time to time to check out what other oddities come out of my cranium as I snore the day away.




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