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Arrogant, foolish, idiotic, juvenile….ok, enough of the words the wife uses to describe me! By day….er, night (Damn third shift!)…..I’m just your everyday, mild-mannered, factory worker. Put in my 40+ and call it a day. By night….er, day (Damn third shift yet again!)…..I am an aspiring comic book reviewer for a popular website, I highly encourage you to check the site out if for no other reason than to give me glowing reviews of my, er, reviews!




Who I’d like to meet:
Personally, I’m not much of a ‘meet’ type of person. Though, if I could arrange it, I’d travel to the DC universe and beat Jimmy Olsen to death and take a side-trip to the Marvel universe and pistol-whip Spider-Man’s Aunt May. Other than that, there are a number of comic book writers and artists I’d love to chat up just to get there take on a few things…starting with the Godfather of comics, Stan “the Man”
General The obvious one is comic books(duh), but I’d throw in reading as a whole along with sports, tv, and annoying anyone who will
Music I like a nice variety from some Hendrix and Skynyrd to Breaking Benjamin and Three Days Grace. My all time favorite album has to be Pearl Jams ‘Ten’. If you havn’t listened to it, do! Then find Aaron Lewis’s verion of Black……..has to be my favorite song right there

Television Good Tv is a rarity though I watch a good amount of evening shows. I only recommend Smallville, Supernatural, Psyche and Scrubs at this time.
Books TERRY PRATCHETT…..(only the GREATEST comedic fantasy writer out there today. If you doubt my word the check out the Guards series….HIGHLY recommended!!!) Robert Jordan…(Great series through the first seven books but then got overly long winded and now needs to end) Terry Goodkind..(Same prob as Jordan…..why is it that heroes in these books have to have a deep philphilosophical conversation every three pages about everything? They turn taking a crap into a twenty page epic!!!!) Laurell K. Hamilton…(ok, this is before her Anita Blake series started turning into a freeforall fuckfest!!!) R.A. Salvatore….(don’t read as much of him any more but I cut my fantasy teeth on Drizzt and Cadderly is ‘like, the BOMB’) David Eddings….(predictable, but in a good way) Stephen R. Donaldson….(has there ever been more REAL a character as Thomas Covenant?) And various other authors to whom I pay homage to on my bookshelves and may list at a later date. I am currently in a Graphic novel phase which has ate at my wallet as I try to fill the bookshelf. I recommend reading the Preacher series, Punisher: Born, Punisher:In the Begining, and Batman:Year one. UPDATED NOTE: Check out the following Comics if you get a chance. Booster Gold Justice Society of America Teen Titans Thunderbolts
Heroes Frank Castle for having the balls to do what needs to be done..Peter Parker for balancing that with compasion…..and Steve Rogers for providing the heart of a nation. R.I.P. Steve!
My movie tastes run towards the comic (as in book) lately. The Spider-man’s, Fantastic Four, X-men’s and all the other assorted ones. I enjoy a GOOD horror movie which is hard to find nowadays. Mystery/suspense movies are interesting, though predictable. Some movies I recommend are the Crow (my FAVORITE) Sin city, Momento, L.A. Confidential and Yound Guns II.


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