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The Revolving Circle of Life…

Posted by lordcomicguy on August 6, 2008

Let’s take a break from the sports and comics to bring some ‘real’ life into this site…and by real life, I mean MY life, or at least my interpetation on life…

…you know what, I had this big long blog in my head ready to be typed about how life comes full circle and you never really get away from the things and experiences that define it, but it’s really hogwash. Life only gives the APPEARANCE of coming full circle. It makes a few waves every once in a while just to let you know the potential is there but in the end, it’s never more substantial that a puff of smoke. Why? Because nobody really WANTS change…they are too afraid of it. They are afraid of losing that ‘comfortable’ zone they are in. They are afraid that the ‘high-horse’ they’ve been riding just might not be as high as they’d like.

So, in the end, desite all the bluster and drama, nothing really changes and I really doubt it will…


Confused yet????? Join the club.


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