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Detective Comics #843

Posted by lordcomicguy on April 24, 2008



 Detective Comics #843

 I’ve been raving about the direction of Detective comics since the rather uneventful Resurrection story arc and guess what…I’m STILL gonna rave about it! We have yet another great Detective issue in #843 as Paul Dini returns after a one issue break and brings with him the beautiful Zatanna and the villainous (if a tad short) Scarface. Not to mention a brief appearance by our favorite web-footed, overweight waddler, the Penguin. It’s a who’s who of the Bat-villians these days but you won’t hear me complaining (for once).


What really makes this issue stand out for me is that you get to see more of Bruce Wayne than Batman, which makes for a nice change-up once in awhile. And not just ‘public’ Bruce but the real Bruce underneath, complete with a little flirting with Zatanna. With Bruce being such a public figure, it always left me scratching my head how he could spend soooo much time in the cowl and hardly any promoting his playboy image. But I have to give DC credit, they throw Bats in just about every book yet I never get the feeling he’s over-exposed…unlike a certain clawed mutant at the OTHER company who is really annoying with his numerous books and appearances (but that’s another gripe for another time). Maybe it’s just my newfound DC love that’s blinding me, I don’t know.


Like I said, I’m really loving these Detective issues and I kinda hope they keep this book like it’s been these past few months. The short one to two issue stories, and varied old-school villains, are really working together well to make this one of DC’s more interesting books. The other Bat-titles can have all those ‘earth-shattering’ 6+ part stories, just leave me my Detective as it is now and I couldn’t be any happier.


Writer: Paul Dini

Pencils: Dustin Nguyen

Publisher: DC Comics

Price: $2.99


                                       THE CORNER! RATING: 8 out of 10


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