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Action Comics #863

Posted by lordcomicguy on April 24, 2008


Action Comics #863


As with all good things, there must come an end, and in Action #863, it’s the end of the Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes arc that we’re focusing on. In Action #862, we had the set-up for the big showdown between Earth-Man and Supes as a galactic armada is in-route to destroy the Earth. The Legion discovers their missing members being held in stasis, used to power Earth-Man, and find that the source of the sun turning red is none other than Sun Boy, who is hooked up to a power amplifier that forces him to keep it changed.


Now bring on part six which shows promise as being a real ‘slobber-knocker’. Well, let’s change that ‘shows promise as’ to ‘is’ because this issue just rocks! The fight between Supes and Earth-Boy is everything you hoped it to be as the lies and deceit of this version of the Justice League comes out and the future is righted…but if you want all the exciting details, you’ll have to pick up the issue because I’m not spoiling it. (Go pick it up, go NOW, it’s worth the three bucks…promise!)


Barry Allen update…For those not familiar with my insane theories, I believe that the Lightning Rod being held by Braniac contains the essence of Barry Allen and have been keeping track of it since The Lightening Saga. You don’t see it in this issue except in a cool add for a Final Crisis tie-in which features Superman and the Legion vs. Superman-Prime and the Legion of Super-Villians. The rod is in the ‘vs.’ part and shows YELLOW lightening with a RED backdrop…hmmm, who has a costume like that (hehe)? Take it for what you will but fans of this arc better prepare for another futuristic thrill ride come August as DC launches Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds.


Writer: Geoff Johns

Pencils: Gary Frank

Publisher: DC Comics

Price: $2.99

                                                  THE CORNER! RATING: 8 out of 10



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