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The Daily Chuckle! 4-9-08

Posted by lordcomicguy on April 9, 2008

Church deacon charged in near-castration bar brawl

OKLAHOMA CITY – A judge ordered a man Wednesday to stand trial on a felony assault charge after a bar confrontation that escalated from football trash-talking to a near castration.

Allen Michael Beckett, 54, will be tried on a charge of aggravated assault and battery, Special Judge D. Fred Doak ruled.

Beckett, a federal auditor and church deacon, is accused of tearing the scrotum of Brian Christopher Thomas, 35, in June. Thomas said he received more than 60 stitches and still endures pain, although there was no permanent damage.

Thomas wore a University of Texas shirt into a bar popular with fans of the University of Oklahoma and said Beckett immediately taunted him.

After about 20 minutes at a table, Thomas said he decided to leave and went to pay his tab at the bar when Beckett attacked him.

“I turned around and he grabbed a hold of my testicles,” Thomas said.

When a pair of bar patrons tried to separate the two men, Thomas said he heard a popping sound, looked down and saw a lot of blood.

“I saw a tear and an exposed testicle,” Thomas said. “I panicked.”

Beckett’s attorney said that Thomas was the aggressor and that his client defended himself only after the younger, bigger man went up to the bar to confront him.


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