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The Daily Chuckle! 4-5-08

Posted by lordcomicguy on April 5, 2008



69-Year-Old-Man Has Toothbrush Lodged in Rectum

GREAT BRITAIN — A toothbrush was used to relieve a different “cavity” when a pensioner decided to use the dental instrument to scratch his hemorrhoids. The 69-year-old man ordered into the hospital after the toothbrush became lodged in his rectum. An X-ray revealed it was deep inside near his pelvis. Although this was first recorded case of a toothbrush having to be removed from the rectum, the British Dental Journal reports doctors have recovered toothbrush holders, toothbrush packages and toothpicks in the past.


One Response to “The Daily Chuckle! 4-5-08”

  1. wendysisson said

    Wow that is just to funny. You would think at that age they would know better not to stick things some were they can get it back out. lol
    Thanks for the good laughter.

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