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The Boys #15

Posted by lordcomicguy on March 17, 2008


  If you’re a fan of wanton violence, witty banter and gratuitous T&A, then the Boys is the book for you. Brought to you by my favorite comic book writer, Garth Ennis, The Boys takes every traditional superhero book and gives them the middle finger. It’s a more realistic look at what our world would look like if the skies were peppered with people in tights, so don’t come looking for ‘truth justice and the American way’ in this book, as it’s corruption, body count, and screwing abound.

  If you’re new to the series then you can’t pick a better starting point than this issue, #15, as its part one of a new arc called Good for the soul. This issue mainly centers on Starlight, the newest member of America’s premier superhero team, the Seven, as she struggles to adapt to the realities of ‘life in the big leagues’. For those not familiar with her, Starlight comes from a highly religious super-team called the Young Americans. She was invited to join the Seven after the LampLighter left the team and eagerly pounced on the offer to do some real good for the world…or so she believed.

  Invited up to the Seven’s flying base, Starlight is exposed to the self-serving ways of the team, in both an emotional and a physical sense as she is forced to give oral sex to three of the male members in order to become a member. It’s downhill from there as everything she believes in is stripped bare amidst the reality of ‘corporate superhero’. With her belief in, well, just about everything shattered, Starlight finds herself lost as to what she really wants to do with her life.

  In a nutshell, this book rocks. Ennis and artist/co-creator Darick Robertson have really hit the ground running with this series. It’s both real and fresh…a nice mix of everything Ennis did right in The Preacher, only turned up a notch or two. Kudo’s to Dynamite for having the testicular fortitude to put this book out where Wildstorm/DC comics didn’t and pulled the plug after 6 issues. Make sure to join me next month as I keep you updated on this new arc as well as give you the breakdown of every major player to be found within these pages!

Writer: Garth Enis

Pencils: Darick Robertson

Publisher: Dynamite Entertainment

Price: $2.99


                                                   THE CORNER RATING: 9 out of 10


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