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COMIC STOCK WATCH: Week of 1-30-08

Posted by lordcomicguy on February 5, 2008

This comic week was a biggie as far as events went with the start of the new Captain America to a gigantic slugfest between Monarch and Prime. But were they risers or fallers this week? Let us see, shall we…..


CAPTAIN AMERICA #34 (Marvel Comics) Like I was going to put this in the Fallers with the writing talents of Ed Brubaker behind the wheel. The man has created a masterpiece with the patience and execution he’s shown the past year in setting this up. And can you really think of ANYONE better suited to replace Steve Rogers than his old partner? No, this was the only way to do it, but don’t let the ties between Steve and Bucky fool you, this new cap is a BIG departure from the old! I’m now eagerly awaiting to see how he’ll be accepted by the superhero community.

ACTION COMICS #861 (DC Comics) If you’re gearing up for Final Crisis, then I HIGHLY suggest picking up this storyline going on in Action. I just get the feeling that this Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes arc is going to be vital to the upcoming monster event. With hints of ‘Lightning strikes twice’ over in Booster Gold and the continuing reference to the mysterious figure within Braniac-5’s lightning rod, I think we’re being set up for the return of the ultimate speedster…..Barry Allen.

COUNTDOWN TO FINAL CRISIS #13 (DC Comics) Monarch vs. Prime, what more do I have to say? This fight doesn’t disappoint but leaves us with one HUGE cliffhanger! And the Red Robin continues to impress though I really don’t like the mask of the costume.

TRIALS OF SHAZAM #11 (DC Comics) Almost to the finish line on this one, folks, and it’s been a LONG time coming! But it’s been worth every second I’ve waited and every penny I’ve spent because this mini-series has been outstanding!


MIGHTY AVENGERS #8 (MARVEL Comics) Love the line-up but I’m just not getting into this book like I thought I would. It’s out of whack continuity- wise and Bendis is just lacking in the story department of this book, which I find very surprising considering the depth of his talent.

CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE CHOSEN #6 (Marvel Comics) Just a very strange and very disappointing story. I really don’t have much to say about it other than I’m glad it’s over.


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