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Death, The high cost of living….A different look at the passing of Heath Ledger.

Posted by lordcomicguy on January 24, 2008

Unless you’re living in some remote desert community (and if you are, you aren’t reading this), then you know that Hollywood had lost one of their own this week, one Heath Ledger. At 28, he had the acting world ahead of him and he will be missed. The rumor mill is circulating with the events surrounding his death and all the theories are well documented so I don’t need to touch on them here. Instead, let’s take a look at his ties to the comic book world and what his death will mean for the upcoming Dark Knight movie.

Now I really don’t want to seem insensitive to this tragedy, my deepest sympathies goes out to his family and loved ones, but I want to look beyond the moment a bit, and think long term. For all his acting credits, nothing Heath did really stood out as unforgettable (I’m not counting Brokeback Mountain, the subject matter brought that to prominence more than his acting) but if previews and trailers are to be believed, he may have found that in his final finished role, as the Joker. I’m not trying to make a mountain out of a molehill here but there is precedence to this sort of thing. Look at The Crow, for example, with Brandon Lee getting killed in the final stages of that movie. His death took an already excellent acting job and launched it into cult status as well as unforeseen financial success. Honestly, if he would have never died, then that great movie would have earned so-so at the theatres and would have soon been forgotten…..a gem lost to the everyday person.



With that being said, you have to think that with this happening like it did, and the type of role he’s playing, that this really has a huge shot at being something special. As sad as it is to say, you know that Warner Bros. is weighing sadness with elation at this happening. No, I’m not saying they wanted him dead or are in any way happy for his death but you have to believe some ‘beanpusher’ or ‘suit’ has brought up the idea of the increased revenue for the film this will make……’s big business, how could they not?

Personally, I was looking forward to this movie before his death and still am. This won’t change me seeing it but it has to effect how I view this movie….as it will anyone who watches it. How could I sit in the theatre and not have these events playing in my mind as every word comes out of his mouth? Heath, for good or ill, the role of the Joker will be the icing on your legacy. Your career will be greatly viewed by how this one acting job comes across. But don’t worry; I think it’s in safe hands….as safe as an insane clown’s hands can be.

INTERESTING HEATH LEDGER COMIC BOOK FACT: Did you know Heath turned down the role of Spider-Man? He did and it eventually wound up in the hands of Tobey Mcguire…..I guess I’ll forgive you for that one, Mr. Ledger.

Rest in peace.

empirejoker1.jpg                                 heath-joker.jpg                                56970-joker_400.jpg


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