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The Road to Final Crisis…Part III

Posted by lordcomicguy on January 21, 2008

  Welcome back, loyal readers! Today I will be putting up part 3 of my 4-part Road to Final Crisis that I wrote for (a pretty cool entertainment site, check it out!) over the past month. I hope you enjoy and again, feel free to let me know what you think about this, or anything else comic book related!


Welcome back to Crave’s continuing look back to the major events leading up to DC’s next major story, Final Crisis. In part 1, we took a look at the origin of the multi-verse, traveling back to the golden age of comics with DC’s first super-team, the Justice Society of America, and in part 2, we looked at it’s destruction in 1985’s Crisis on Infinite Earths. Now, in part 3, we will come full circle with the 2005 smash hit, Infinite Crisis.


As the original Crises was meant to consolidate and simplify the DCU, Infinite Crisis came about to try to stem a tide of violence and darkness that was prevalent within DC. Modern day heroes had become conflicted and more violent. Such events as the death of Jason Todd, the breaking of Batman, and the deaths of Superman and Donna Troy as well as the creation of Brother Eye and the betrayal and subsequent murder of Maxwell Lord by Wonder Woman had become the norm.

Locked within their pocket universe since the end of Crisis on Infinite Earths, Kal-L (Earth 2-Superman), along with Earth-2 Lois Lane, Earth-3 Alexander Luthor, and Superboy-Prime have been witness to this decaying of morality among the heroes and conclude that they chose the wrong world to let stay. With that in mind, they escape from the pocket dimension, determined to fix their mistake.

Upon escaping, Kal-L seeks out Power Girl (His cousin and fellow survivor of Earth-2) to enlist her help in restoring Earth-2 (which he considers perfect), hoping that his world would restore the health of his dying Lois. Afterwards, Kal-L tries to enlist the support of Batman, trying to convince him that the bad nature of today’s Earth was the cause of his recent hostility and mistrust. Pulling out a kryptonite ring (To no effect since it’s not of Earth-2), Batman rejects Kal-L, refuting his claims. Soon after, Batman learns that Superboy Prime was responsible for the destruction of the JLA Watchtower.

Alexander, meanwhile, reveals to Power Girl that he and Superboy-Prime have been leaving their pocket dimension for some time, manipulating events and preparing an inter-dimensional tuning fork (out of the corpse of the Anti-Monitor) so that, using various heroes and villains he’s captured, he can create the “perfect” world.

Over in Smallville, Superboy-Prime attacks this worlds Superboy, Connor Kent, beating him nearly to death while claiming his superiority as the one ‘true’ Superboy. During the beating, Connor manages to send a distress signal that calls everyone who’s ever been a Teen Titan and anyone working with them. In the ensuing battle, Prime kills many heroes before the Flashes (including Kid Flash) force him and themselves into the Speed Force, leaving behind only Jay Garrick (the original Flash) and severing the connection to the Speed Force in the process.

   Seeking to create his perfect world, Alexander begins restoring multiple Earths, including Earth-2, transporting the remaining Earth-2 heroes there. On Earth-2, Lois Lane dies and an enraged Kal-L attacks Superman until Wonder Woman arrives to break it up. As this is happening, an aged Bart Allen returns, soon followed by an escaped Superboy-Prime wearing a suit of armor that stores yellow solar power.

As Batman is preparing a strike force to destroy Brother Eye (which he does do), Alexander begins selecting and merging worlds. Firestorm manages to stop him while Connor, Nightwing, and Wonder Girl release the towers prisoners. Superboy-Prime shows up at this point and kills Connor in a fight that destroys the tower. The remaining multiple Earths then merge into a single, new Earth.

Back on Earth, a horde of supervillians attack Metropolis, opposed by heroes, retired and current. There are many casualties on both sides, most due to the arrival of Superboy-Prime. (I want to take a second and point out a serious flaw in comics. How after each use, a supervillian gets easier and easier to beat. Case in point, Doomsday is taken down in ALMOST ONE PUNCH!! Yes, it was a combined punches by both Kal-L and Superman but this is still freaking Doomsday! He’s genetically engineered to adapt and become stronger after each fight and at this point, he’d already fought Superman multiple times! It should have taken Superboy-Prime, at least, to take him down…..and even then, it would have taken a minute or two.) During the fight, Prime decides to destroy Oa, planning to collapse the universe. On the way, Prime kills a TON of Green Lanterns before Kal-L and Superman fly him through the remains of Krypton and its red sun, destroying his armor and de-powering all three. They land on Mogo (the sentient Green Lantern Planet…..that’s right, a SENTIENT PLANET that’s a Green Lantern!) where Superman knocks out Prime but Kal-L dies.

Again, back on Earth, Batman almost crosses the line and shoots Alexander but is talked down by Wonder Woman, allowing Alexander to escape (to be later killed by the Joker, in fitting fashion, who was feeling kinda left out.).

We are left with Batman, Wonder Woman, and a de-powered Superman meeting up in Gotham, deciding that each needs to find themselves again…. as well as Prime being held prisoner in the heart of a red sun, surrounded by Green Lanterns. Our last image is of him carving an S on his chest and looking all demented and drooling a bit.


As with most DC events, I really enjoyed this book (I have it in hardcover) and found it a fitting sequel to the classic original. Infinite Crisis is one of those books that every time you read it, you notice something different and can you ask for anything better than that? Also, it’s after this series that we have DC’s one year later, where they jump ahead one year in all their books, and 52 begins as well, filling in the time missed and leading up to what I shall cover in the final part of The Road to Final Crisis, Countdown. So join me again next week as I finish up this 4 part extravaganza with a complete rundown on all the major happenings in our favorite weekly title! 


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