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The Road to Final Crisis……Part 1

Posted by lordcomicguy on January 15, 2008

The following is part one of a 4 part feature that I did for If you like it, head over to crave and take a look at part 2 and 3, which are already up. Part 4 will be available once I get off my butt and finish it…..hopefully within the next week.


THE ROAD TO FINAL CRISIS: Crisis on Multiple Earths

DC comics, the King of the EVENT comics (in my humble opinion), is gearing up for the mother of them all in 2008, Final Crisis. Tagged by writer Grant Morrison as the last Crisis, this trilogy of Crisis books have been built as the “Lord of the Rings” of the DCU. In the following weeks I will be taking a look back at both Crisis on Infinite Earths and Infinite Crises as well as giving you a complete rundown on all the storylines going on in that little book known as Countdown….all to get you up to date and as ready as anyone can be for this upcoming monster event. But with all things, there is a beginning, and I’d like to take this first installment of the four-part Road to Final Crises to take a look at the origins of the multiverse.


The origins of what would later be called the Multiverse can be linked to the father of all superhero teams, The Justice Society of America. Formed in the winter of 1940/41, The JSA was one of the best ideas ever to hit comics at that time. Instead of having individual, popular characters compete with each other for sales, Shelly Mayer (former editor) and Gardner Fox (writer) had the thought of having them work together, and thus, the JSA was born. What followed was a decade where the JSA flew higher than any other, the flagship of a superhero renaissance. However, by the early 50’s, horror and ‘true-crime’ comics, along with westerns and war tales, drove the superhero market to all-time lows. With that, DC quietly ceased publication of the JSA, sending it into comic limbo.

But you can’t keep a good hero down as was shown a decade later when the Silver-Age Flash (Barry Allen), in the pages of Flash#123, met his Golden-Age counterpart as he accidentally crossed between worlds, in an instant forming the origins of an idea that would lead DC to unparalleled heights of storytelling in the future. With the success of that story, titled “Flash of two worlds”, DC had no choice but to resurrect the JSA as fans demanded sequel after sequel. To that end, after months and months of teasing the reader, their wish was granted in Justice League of America #21, which teamed the JSA with the JLA for the first time in a story appropriately titled “Crisis on Earth-One”. Soon a fan favorite and with such a strong following, these team-ups became a summer tradition over the next quarter century.

Hot on the heels of this overwhelming success, DC writers began stretching the boundaries of the varying dimensions to include the inclusion of more parallel worlds like Earth-S, home of Captain Marvel and his family; Earth-X, home of the Freedom Fighters; and even Earth-Prime, what was labeled as our world. The number of worlds that could be out there seemed as infinite as the imagination of the human mind.

But with all good things, there must come an end………….

Join me next week as I venture to 1985 and take a look at one of the hallmark events in all comic history, Crisis on Infinite Earths, in Part II of Crave’s Road to Final Crisis.


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